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Fridley officers conduct prostitution sting, 23 arrested, P.1

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Law enforcement agencies in Minnesota have their eyes on a variety of Internet sites, which authorities believe may involve issues surrounding sex crimes. Generally, most Minnesotans are aware of constitutional protections prohibiting the government from unreasonable intrusions into privacy. In today's world of the Internet, more and more agencies are using online sting operations in seeking to enforce a variety of sex crime laws.

Fridley Police recently used an Internet site to create a sting operation in an effort to nab people on allegations of solicitation of prostitution. The law enforcement agency says that it conducts similar sting operations about twice each year, but the use of Internet stings appears to be increasing.

Followers of this blog may remember stories of similar stings conducted by agencies in various parts of the state. Such sites as Craigslist and Backpage appear to be popular for law enforcement agencies to conduct such undercover operations.

Fridley Police say that 19 men and four women were recently arrested after undercover officers set up a prostitution sting. A high profile defendant was among the many people arrested in the latest Fridley prostitution sting. The man reportedly is from Woodbury, and is known as a football coach at a Catholic Prep School in Maplewood.

Generally, the vast majority of criminal charges that are filed in courts across Minnesota do not make headlines. When the media gets wind of potential criminal allegations in what may involve a high profile case, the story may make the news. Journalists typically derive the information they print from authorities. Certainly, a person suspected of an offense has the right to remain silent and should consider speaking with legal counsel when suspicions arise.

In the next entry, we will continue the discussion of the recent Fridley prostitution sting operation.

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press, "Hill-Murray football coach Mark Mauer caught in Fridley prostitution sting," Elizabeth Mohr, Feb. 25, 2013

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